Video: Surging water, winds hammer Long Island

>> beach, long island where mara schiavocampo is standing by with a live report. mara , good morning to you.

>> reporter: savannah, good morning. you know, there's something i want to point out to you because this is supposed to be city streets , but right now it is totally and completely a beach, and that's because the ocean last night during high tide at the height of this storm was flowing through this streets like a raging river . it looked like the kind of thing you might white water raft on flowing blocks and blocks into the street. when low tide came in it receded, and now it's high tide again. we can literally see this water starting to move in at a very fast pace. my guess would be that within the next hour we'll see water all through here again. let me show you a little bit of the damage that we've seen. of course, we have some water left over. can you see we're looking at the ocean now and how far it's come in. it's suppose d to be much further back than, that and can you see the pace that it's moving towards us here and towards the city and towards the streets, and if we can look over here to some of the damage from last night, you know, most of the damage has been from flooding by far, not from the wind. windows are still intact for the most part, but you can see people's garage doors have been turned into pieces of wood essentially and that water has rushed all through these homes for probably about one story. our hotel, for example, the entire first floor was filled with water. that really highlighted the major concern that officials had here which was flooding from the storm surge , not from rainfall, and that's exactly what happened. but long island, being a pens latt way it ula the way it is, it got it from the ocean and much of the bayside. much of this area was flooded from two directions. power outages, seeing massive numbers here. approaching 850,000 without power, and t he power authority is warning it could be up to ten days before they get that restored. savannah.

>> all right. mara schiavocampo on long beach this morning, thank

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