Video: 2 deaths, thousands without power in Connecticut

>> is calling this the worst water event in his state's history. nbc's katy tur is in stonington, connecticut this morning. what's the scene there.

>> reporter: thousands trapped but could have been so much worse without the mandatory evacuations. luckily a number of people did get out. we do have to report two deaths for you this morning. one was a woman in mansfield. a tree fell on her house. we're told that she was electrocuted when power lines came down with it. also a couple of injuries in that house, but they were not life-threatening, as well as a fifthner eaton, connecticut , who was driving when a tree fell on his car. right now the weather has certainly calmed down here. there's not so many reports about what's coming out of this state right now, because there are so many people here without power. 635,000 customers without power right now. that's because of flooding. that's because of high winds . it's also because of massive trees like the one you're seeing behind me. if we come back out here live, can you see this tree is huge. it's fallen on to this house. this is just one of many trees across the stonington area and across the state that are bringing down power lines . they are blocking roads and making things very dangerous this morning. we are in the east part of connecticut . we're told it got much worse over in the west part of concorporation and i'm sure you'll be able to ask governor malloy more about that as you talk to him right now. guys.

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